You can’t predict the unexpected; you can prepare for it. With Xercor Insurance Services, LLC, you receive peace of mind knowing that your belongings are covered while in storage. Xercor provides affordable and convenient protection against damages like vermin and mold, hail and windstorm and perils like fire, vandalism, and burglary plus more. Protect your belongings from the unexpected with Xercor and be more than sure. 


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New insurance solution for cyber crime:
Aon CyberBusinessPro

As a self storage operator, your customers entrust you with personal information such as social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, medical and financial information.  If the proper protections are not in place, a privacy data breach can result in litigation and extensive remediation costs.  Aon CyberBusinessPro helps safeguard your firm by providing risk management resources to help reduce your exposures, cyber liability protection in the event of a breach, and remediation benefits to help pay the expenses resulting from an incident.

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