Coverage Information

Self storage facilities are not responsible for their customer’s belongings while in a storage unit or space, which is why most rental or lease agreements require the customer to have insurance on their belongings. 

In an effort to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable insurance, your self storage facility has opted to offer Self Storage Tenant Insurance administered by Xercor Insurance Services LLC to its customers. You can purchase coverage when you sign your lease or rental agreement.  It is possible that this coverage may provide duplication of coverage you have through your Homeowners’, Renters’, or other property insurance. Please speak with your insurance agent if you have questions about your existing coverage.

Coverage Options Are:

Insurance Amount

Monthly Premium*


Insurance Amount

Monthly Premium*


Insurance Amount

Monthly Premium*


*Monthly premium included premium taxes.

Some of the benefits of Self Storage Tenant Insurance are:

  • $500 coverage for damage to your belongings by vermin, rodents, insects, or

  • $500 coverage for damage to your belongings by mold, mildew, fungus, and wet or dry rot.

  • $1,000 coverage for damage to your belongings caused by Flood or rising water.

  • It’s convenient and hassle-free. Coverage begins the moment you elect coverage and pay your premium.

This is a general description of the policy features. This is not the insurance policy. For further information or questions regarding the policy, please call or email Xercor Insurance Services LLC at 1-844-769-2904 or You can also fax us at 317-405-9459.

Self Storage Tenant Insurance is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company, an AM Best A+ Carrier.

Certificate of Insurance Forms

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